International Conference

On the Role of Local Government and Municipalities
in Improving Traffic Safety on Local and Regional Roads

Skopje, Macedonia, Holiday Inn
20-23 May 2014


International Conference on the Role of Local Government and Municipalities in Improving Traffic Safety on Local and Regional Roads
21 and 22 May 2014, Skopje, Macedonia

This conference is organized in collaboration with PRI (La PréventionRoutièreInternationale) and the National Security Council on Road Traffic in Macedonia. At this stage we are very pleased to invite prospective presenters to the Conference in order to submit their resumes for consideration by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

The International Conference on the Role of Local Government and Municipalities in improving traffic safety on local and regional roads will bring together leading professionals from around the world to discuss the issue. Many accidents occur on local and regional roads, and some of them have fatal consequences. The responsibilities for these roads are sometimes divided, sometimes only the local government has sufficient funds and/or professional staff to deal with improving their security. Driving in small towns at a younger age with all consequences arising from this behavior is a very common practice. Apart from small towns, the urban areas are more threatened by the practice of managing vehicles under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic medication, and intensive use of mobile devices, talking or texting while driving. Therefore, we have chosen these topics to be dominant at the Conference and we expect contribution from international presenters regarding the situation in their countries. We expect your participation in the Conference, which will be a good opportunity to share knowledge, experience and best practices in the role of local government in improving the safety on local and regional roads. Two other important sub-themes will also be considered on the Conference: Young traffic (driver's license at a younger age) and driving under the influence of various influences (Driving under influence).

Dr. Nikola Angelovski, President of the Security Council on Road Traffic of the Republic of Macedonia
Joop Goos, President of La Prévention Routière Internationale PRI

Theme of the conference

The purpose of the Conference is to draw public attention to the need of ensuringsafety onlocal roads in municipalities,begin active work of implementing measures as well as promoting the objectives of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, declared by the United Nations from 2011 to 2020. The Conference draws attention to the need of ensuring safety of young drivers, as one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. In addition, it summons researchers, practitioners and policy makers to consider how their contributions can help to provide a safer road transport system in urban areas. The theme is not intended to limit the subject of the conference papers. Its task is to encourage authors to explore the practical implications of their work. Documents which study the case of pedestrian and cyclists’ safety are invited. The main perspectives as a framework for presentations are:

In particular, the documents pertaining to the following issues are encouraged:

Abstracts for all presentations

The abstract must consist of the entire abstract including title, author (s), affiliation and text must not exceed 250 words. The program committee will evaluate all abstracts for inclusion in the conference program. All submissions should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before submitting. Required fields when you submit an abstract will include:

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes maximum in length and can be supported by audio - visual aids. Full papers will be published in the Proceedings.


Abstracts should be submitted in one of the following languages: Macedonian, English, French,

Method of Submission

Authors interested should submit their abstracts to the Conference Program Committee. Abstracts should be sent to the following e-mail address: and

Confirmation of your receipt of abstracts will be sent to you at the time of submission. Reference number will be assigned to each submitted abstract. Please have this number to quote in all correspondence with the Secretariat of the Conference.

Abstracts should be submitted in Word for Windows PC and software.

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